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Month: June, 2012

eucharisteo Tuesday

483.  washing berries in a silver strainer


second shooting

Just in case you thought I was slacking off, I thought I’d drop in and tell you that I have helped shoot two weddings in as many weeks and have actually been quite the busy little bee. A Very Big Thank You to Jeffrey Loucks, for whom I second shot this^ wedding. Also to Erin Thacker, the other photographer I helped, who is a deep well of patience and instruction, and to Katie Mosley for thinking I was ready for such a task. I may post some pictures later, but Jeff and Erin get first dibs on everything!

eucharisteo Tuesday

Hallie & Logan; part II

And here are their real engagements. Love you both!

eucharisteo Tuesday

Katelyn & Co.

This is Katelyn, Kennedie, and Kaila. They are the three prettiest (and funniest) sixteen-year-olds around, and my new best friends. Someone gave Katelyn (she’s the one in the blue shorts) a shoot with her friends for her birthday. Which was in February, but Better Late Than Never, right? Right. Especially because I didn’t have my Big Girl Camera in February, but I did last Wednesday. Kids – sometimes it pays to procrastinate…for 4 months. Just not very often.

Thanks for a great afternoon, girls! Glad this finally worked out.

Hallie & Logan; part I

This is a very dear shoot to me. Last summer, when I was laid up in bed with recovering wisdom teeth, I decided I was going to try pursuing photography and see what happened. I asked Hallie, who is one of the most internally and externally beautiful people walking the earth, if I could take some pictures of her and her boyfriend Logan in an attempt to start some kind of portfolio. (Everyone on facebook thought they were engagement pictures! Oops.) My Evil Plan worked: a week after I posted these, I had scheduled two shoots with paying customers.

Now, not even a year later, I’ve upgraded to a Big Girl Camera and shot Hallie & Logan’s real engagement pictures! (Which I will post tomorrow. Try to prepare yourself. These two aren’t messing around when it comes to being crazy beautiful and crazy in love. As you can see.) Also, I have a brandspankingnew WATERMARK. We’re all very excited about this.

Hallie. Logan. Thank you for letting me take pictures of you last August. Photography is a very real possibility for my future, and that might not be the case if not for you two. Honestly. I love you both and cannot wait for the wedding. Real engagements coming tomorrow!


This is Hope. Or should I say, Audrey Hepburn? I’ll go with the latter, because that’s who I dressed her up as for my photography final last semester. Hope is another one of my favorite people walking the planet. Even though sometimes it’s hard for me to overcome my envy for her uncanny likeness to Audrey. I took a few digital shots during the shoot, but I like the film prints better, so I’ll post some of them soon. (And if you think she looks like Audrey in these^, just wait.)


Meet Elizabeth. We met as Pen Pals eight years ago, and now she is one of my favorite people walking the planet. As you can see, she is more beautiful and more talented than she really ought to be. I took these shots of her back in January, just because we wanted to.  I’m really going to get it for including that third one. But I don’t care, because it’s my favorite.

vintage ladies

^This is Sarah. She’s known around campus as The Girl Who Dresses Like She’s From the 40’s, and I’m proud to claim her as one of my dearest friends. She and her beautiful friend Elizabeth (who I think might be a distant relative of Julie Andrews) joined me for a vintage themed shoot over Christmas break. The day involved lipstick, an abandoned road, an abandoned house, hot coffee, one unnecessary expletive, and Pride & Prejudice. That’s a win in my book.

P.S. Elizabeth took the shots of me!