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Month: July, 2012

eucharisteo Tuesday



Exactly one year ago, I was off falling in love with London, England. Now I am home, missing it. So to console myself – and to celebrate the upcoming Olympics! – I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from my trip.

Also – not because you asked, but because I want to tell you – two of my favorite moments on this trip were:  1. Stopping at nothing to see Pygmalion during free time on my last day in London. Rupert Everett played Henry Higgins in a tiny little theatre that looked just the way a London theatre ought to. I breathed all of Eliza’s lines along with Kara Tointon. It was perfect.

And 2. Looking up during the tour of the Tower of London to see a dear friend of mine waving at me through a thousand year old window. Carly had not come on the same trip – she was on a trip to see several European countries with her father. But she generally happened to be in London that day, and specifically happened to be at the Traitor’s Gate at the exact same moment that I was. It was the strangest thing, meeting up with a friend so far away – feeling so far from anything familiar, but feeling so at home at the same time. It reminded me a little bit of heaven, in a way.

Don’t worry, London – I’ll be back in the autumn!

eucharisteo Tuesdays

469. bubbles pink in sunlight

Last week I was serving as a counselor at my old church camp, which is why I was MIA last Tuesday. What a joy it is to live in koinonia with people I love, to minister to beautiful young girls, and to give due praise to God.

It was a good week.

eucharisteo Tuesday

518.  glowing stalks of wheat

if you’ve ever wondered if California is staggeringly beautiful,

it is.

I’m tagging along on Dad’s business trip. San Fran this morning, L.A. tonight, and more pictures to come!

eucharisteo Tuesday