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Month: August, 2012

the Kendricks


What an unexpected little treat to get to take some pictures of Carly (the same Carly from the Tower window) and her brothers on Wednesday. I know what you’re thinking – and the answer is Yes. Blake and Tyler’s legs actually are longer in real life.

Thank you, Kendricks! Love you guys.




eucharisteo Tuesday

k.mosley photography shot this wedding.

Not me. Don’t let the watermark fool you. I was just the much glorified, last minute Extra Assistant to The Katie Mosley. These are just a few favorites that I snagged between not having a flash and not having a zoom lens.  : )

Congrats to the happy couple, and thank you, thank you, thank you to Katie and Erin for letting me tag along!

eucharisteo Tuesday

285.  letters signed: your pen pal, Elizabeth Anne


eucharisteo summer



Because there just weren’t enough Tuesdays in May, June, & July to suit me.


367.  a bright, full double rainbow right over Sweetgum Court

400.  three days with Lacy

406.  lace & Peter Pan collars

408.  breakfast in bed with Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy


418.  two Honey Bee lattes

427.  baking in Mitzie Netterville’s kitchen

430.  water droplets on Abby’s forehead

448.  running into old friends at ethos


456.  black tea and pink flowers

471.  giant bokeh dancing on the floor

475.  rain pounding on dry palms

493.  twinkly lights cheering a dark, rainy patio


501.  sunbathing tomatoes

502.  the scent of wet summer asphalt

509.  a full size bed all to myself;  510.  getting to be an earlybird, two time zones to the west

524.  descending through layers of clouds


526.  raindrops and crepe myrtle petals on Miss Daisy’s hood

589.  a temporary little masterpiece

597.  a long skirted stroll in a true southern belle’s yard

601.  a sole candle lighting the house;  602.  a powerful lightning storm

thank You. thank You. thank You.



I took maternity pictures for these long-time family friends back in November, and yesterday I got to take the 6 months for their sweet baby Celia. We went to the same locations and used some of the same props. What a joy it is to watch this family’s story unfold, and what an honor it is to get to help them tell it through my pictures.

Love you guys.  🙂

eucharisteo Tuesday

588.  August pool sitting with Carly K

eucharisteo Tuesday

the Sessions’ session

This little man is the bump under the B, O, & Y Scrabble letters at the top of my page. His parents were my first maternity shoot, back in September, and now Cale is my first baby shoot! The Sessions are dear friends, and it’s such a joy to photograph them. We almost had to raincheck, but instead God gave us perfect light.

Love you three!

thank you, Erin Thacker Photography!

First order of business: to give full credit to Erin Thacker Photography for this wedding! Erin photographed this wedding, and I only got to help because her assistant dropped out last minute. (sidenote: also thank you to Katie Mosley for giving Erin my name!) I was completely unqualified, but Erin was patient with me and taught me so much. These are just a few of the non-contract-breaking detail shots that I took, but please do yourself a favor and check out the rest on Erin’s website &/or facebook page.