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Month: September, 2012

Poland is not all ugly.

In fact, it was much lovelier than I expected. Here are just a few little happy glimpses of Krakow. When we weren’t visiting Auschwitz, we were eating (and drinking) our weight in chocolate, shopping in quaint little markets, riding in a Cinderella carriage – complete with plumes for the horses, going for walking tours in the rain, visiting Oskar Schindler’s factory, watching fire dancers in the town square, and generally having a great weekend.

I feel like I just got back, and I’m leaving for Slovenia and Italy tomorrow. (I’m sorry. What?) Also – thank you, Kimberly, for pinning that fleur in my hair and for taking pictures of me that captured the happiness the fleur brought me.

Sorry to go from heavy to light subject matter – the Holocaust to hot chocolate – so quickly in the last two posts. I felt a bit of that whiplash last weekend, too. C’est la vie.

Please pray for safe travels and open eyes this weekend, and I’ll see you on Tuesday (:


Are there words for Auschwitz?

If there are, I haven’t found them yet. I will be brief and share my best and worst moments of the day.

First, the worst. In the museum at Auschwitz I, inside the only room where photography is not allowed, there is a glass wall a hundred feet long. Behind it – tons and tons of human hair. Each person’s seemed to be rolled and ratted up by itself – and there were thousands. And thousands. And thousands. It’s easy to hear the huge numbers of those murdered without them really sinking in. This massive mound of hair remedied that. Almost all of it was brown, except for a few golden baby curls here and there.

But before hope is lost, here is the best. I read Corrie ten Boom’s book The Hiding Place the summer I was seventeen, and one of the stories that has stayed closest to me is when Corrie and her sister Betsy gave thanks in the barracks of a concentration camp. Betsy thanked God for everything, even the fleas. That was where Corrie drew the line, though. No – she would not thank God for the fleas. But Betsy insisted, and together they thanked God for the fleas. Later on, the women were able to pray together in the barracks, because the guards didn’t like to come back there – because of the fleas. I remembered Corrie and Betsy and tried to honor them by also giving thanks in the barracks. I wrote down # 748 on my list.

It’s not true what they say. That the birds don’t sing at Auschwitz. They do. And some of the people sing, too. I think that as long as that place is remembered with solemnity and respect, that hope will live there. Even if only in the form of birds’ songs and sunshine coming out after fog.

That’s what eucharisteo # 748 was – “the birds do sing.”

eucharisteo Tuesday

765.  what was lost now is found


eucharisteo Tuesday

728.  hands graced with talent

[ˌser ənˈ dip i tē]

| the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for |

This is my new friend Ernst Fuchs. Please google his work (or just follow that link to his website) with the knowledge that this afternoon, he asked if he could sit with me and Lacy at Cafe Hawelka, then talked with us for a good twenty-five minutes before obliging us both with an autograph and leaving us to ponder the term “serendipity.”

It was not until after he left that we fully realized we had met what may be a Modern Day da Vinci.

Okay, Vienna. Fine. You are the greatest.

eucharisteo Tuesday

704.  carrying lavender home on the U-bahn

705.  Abigail on her doily

and so it begins

This is just a very small selection of the beauty I have experienced this week. I say “this week” – I haven’t even been here a full week. Five days, I think? Six? Six.

My friends back home and others on the trip have been asking me what my favorite thing has been so far. First of all, that’s an impossible question – and second of all, I think if I do have an answer, that it’s not really a thing. It’s just the feeling that came into my heart the second day in Vienna and hasn’t budged since. It’s finally being here and seeing and feeling this city and knowing that I still have this whole experience ahead of me. Still have every country to visit, everything to learn, every chance to fail and to succeed. It’s thrilling and freeing and humbling all at once, and all the time. My biggest goals are to learn as much as possible – about Vienna, about the world, about God, about people, about myself – and to suck the marrow out of every moment.

I started classes today, so my days probably won’t be so jam packed with flea markets and ferris wheels and vineyards now. I will post pictures of my weekend trips, and I’ll make some little updates every now and then. And of course, I’ll continue doing eucharisteo Tuesdays. Just letting you know.

God never ceases in His kindness toward me, so I know that people are praying for me. Thank you. Please continue to remember me and my travels. Auf Weidersehen (:

eucharisteo Tuesday


I leave for Vienna today.

Today. I leave today. And I won’t be back for three months. And I absolutely feel all of these emotions, plus about seventeen others.

Can we make a deal? I will post pretty pictures of Europe the best I can, for the next ninety days – if you, when you pray, will ask God to protect and bless and teach me.

That would mean so very, very much to me.

the Lovely Ladies of the Lipscomb Theatre department

Remember Tempestuous Tessa? She got a haircut, aged five years, and is now a pretty woman. Rule #1 of Headshots is that you have to look like yours, so the Short Haired Tessa needed new ones, and I got the honors. I also got to take some for Taylor and Casey (respectively), both of whom have a very large scoop of Talent to go with those pretty faces.
I love you girls. I’ll miss seeing you this semester, but good luck break those legs while I’m gone!