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Month: October, 2012

we went to Italy and came home to Autumn

  Here’s to foggy Sunday walks through the Vienna Woods, church with Sammi over breakfast and Kelsey at a bus stop, and five little marshmallows in everyone’s pre & post dinner hot chocolate.

Here’s to Autumn. Here’s to Beauty. Here’s to God.

Yesterday my heart walked up to the edge of despair, looked over into the depths, and really thought about jumping off. But thankfully, it backed up into His waiting, open arms of peace, instead. I am pleased to report that I am in Vienna with some of the very best people in the world, and that I’ve got a pretty fabulous week in the UK (finally) planned for next week.

Prayers for safety, patience, open eyes, and wisdom would be much appreciated. See you in November. (:


eucharisteo Tuesday

(because I’ll be gone again next week)

801.  a rose of strawberry and mint

Roman Holiday


I spent the week before last in Italy. It was eight days of history and architecture and art and pasta and walking and markets and generally being a good tourist. The highlight of the week was getting to see some of my dearest friends in all the world – Carly and Emma, who are studying in Florence with Harding. And my Jeep buddy Connor, too (:

Another highlight was sitting in the memory of Audrey Hepburn on the Spanish Steps. I admire that woman more than almost any other. Thank you to Sammi and Jenna for indulging that request and taking my picture – and now that I think about it, just for an altogether perfect evening.

It was a good week. I’m sorry I don’t have the mental capacity to write any more at the moment. Fall Break is quickly approaching, and those hostels aren’t going to book themselves. I hope to post Mittenwald pictures before I leave! Auf Wiedersehen (:

eucharisteo Tuesday

714.  the click of my boots on Vienna’s rainy sidewalks


in which I spend a wonderfully touristy day in Salzburg


I went on The Sound of Music tour, because that’s what you do in Salzburg. And apparently your Lipscomb in Vienna education isn’t complete without it. I recently played Liesl in Lipscomb’s spring production, so I rather enjoyed myself. I hummed Do Re Mi as I walked around the fountain and up the steps, and I spent much of the day wondering what it must feel like to be Julie Andrews. Is there another woman so accomplished and elegant, now living?

The last four pictures are not from Salzburg, but a tiny German town of which I don’t know the name. They are the result of Flexibility When Plans Don’t Work Out As Expected.

In other news, I lost all self-control at the Flohmarkt again today, and I had my first schnitzel at dinner tonight. I think I am now officially in the Austrian Club.

Next up: Italy, then Mittenwald!

eucharisteo Tuesday

713.  that pasta I smelled is for me

812.  vanilla steam dancing in the morning

My apologies for my absence last week. I was in Italy, without a computer. I have a week’s worth of pictures to sift through now, but homework is, unfortunately, trumping them at present. Next up is Salzburg; Rome & Florence on deck.

Stay tuned (:


The beauty of Venice was a welcome gift after leaving Bled at – get ready – 1 AM, then a character-building train layover from 2 – 4:45 AM and a few hours in a sleeper car before arriving in Venice Saturday morning. And forgive me for stating the obvious, but – Venice is on the water! I’ve always known that, but I don’t think it ever fully registered until I had to wait for a bridge to cross the “street” and take a water taxi to Point B.

Two of our Point B’s were Murano & Burano – tiny islands just outside of Venice that specialize in making blown glass and lace, respectively. They are my Must Do from Venice. I could have spent a whole day and a whole paycheck on Burano, I think. Also – if I had a Bucket List, I could check “Ride a Gondola Through Venice” off of it!

Thank you to Brandon, Lexie, Hannah, Michael, and Lacy for the most perfect of weekends. I was so blessed to get to see these cities with you.

Guess who’s taking a daytrip to Salzburg this weekend, before the group trip to Italy next week?! This lucky girl. (:

eucharisteo Tuesday

773.  a little nose pressed against the window

The Hidden Gem of Bled

I’ll bet you’ve never heard of Bled, Slovenia before. And I’ll bet that you also don’t believe in magic.

Surprise! They both exist. I enjoyed them both this weekend, and here are the pictures to prove it.

I spent just over twenty-four hours in Bled last weekend, and I don’t expect to find a lovelier place all semester. Everyone was so kind and helpful and generous. Every single person. It’s clearly beautiful, but the people were what made it great. Because there isn’t much that feels better than someone being nice to you when you’re tired and hungry and far from anything familiar. So, thank you, Bled.

Next up: Venice!