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Month: November, 2012

eucharisteo Tuesday

888.  gliding backwards over ice



eucharisteo Tuesday

105.  Mama’s pigtails


fancy some London?

I love this city. I love the rain and the tea and the Brits and the way they say ‘vanillar’ and Union Jack and the bookstores and the leaves in the parks and the way I feel when I’m there.

Can I go back yet?

We started our week in London, then went to Cotswolds, saw The Civil Wars (maybe their last concert, ever) in Manchester, spent Halloween in Edinburgh, visited some dear, dear friends of mine in Dundee, spent a few hours in Wales, and then flew back to Vienna. And if that doesn’t wear you out, editing the pictures from it all sure will.

I’ll be back tomorrow for EuTue and have some shots from Cotswolds (some of my favorites of the whole trip!) up soon. My mother is coming to keep me company over Thanksgiving, so I’ll be a little tied up this week, playing hostess.

So ready to see you, Mom. Enjoy your flight. (:

eucharisteo Tuesday

818.  lying in golden Autumn


Where hard boiled eggs wear hats, mountains are always in view, Joy & Beauty reign, and yellow leaves are plentiful. And probably the only place ever where your one plan for the entire day can get foiled, and you don’t mind a bit. It was too windy to take a cable car up the mountain – so by golly, we found ourselves a playground. And then we spent hours walking down exactly two streets. And then we played in leaves until we were giddy. And then we came back to Vienna.

I remember my friends who studied in Vienna last year telling me that some of their favorite memories came from the smaller towns, where they had to make their own fun. I believe it.

Thank you Kelsey, Samantha, & Rachel (pictured respectively in that last photo) for the most perfect of days. I love you all.

Wish me luck on my first European final! I’ll be back tomorrow for You Know What. (:

eucharisteo Tuesday