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Month: January, 2013

not because you asked,

business card

but because it’s an assignment for my Internet Marketing class – I’d like to let you all know that I’m working on a Big Girl Website. One day soon, it shall have Real Live Galleries of pictures that I actually took….but for now, you can admire the lovely layout (which someone worked very hard on), send me friendly messages with the contact form, or connect with SMP’s brand new facebook page, Instagram feed, Pinterest board, or LinkedIn profile through the social media buttons in the corner. They are tiny and purple and very exciting.

Here’s the link. Happy Thursday   : )


eucharisteo Tuesday


eucharisteo Tuesday

EuTue 1,032

1,032.  finding that chord


I think it’s time for some color.

IMG_2244 - Version 2IMG_2081IMG_2082IMG_2126IMG_2133IMG_2164IMG_2194IMG_2240IMG_2267IMG_1267IMG_2274

Because we’re halfway into January and I’m starting to miss the way Autumn looked in the Alps.

My mom came and spent a week in Austria with me about two months ago. We spent a day in Hallstatt – a very old, very tiny little town nestled in between a lake and a mountain. We caught her in off-season, so there wasn’t much to do besides walk and talk and take pictures and buy salt.

But luckily for us, that was exactly what we wanted to do. (:

I think I just have one more Vienna post in me, after this. I may draw that out as long as I can, though, because I still have that little piece of it that isn’t over yet. We’ll see how sentimental I can be.

In the meantime – Happy Thursday (:

eucharisteo Tuesday


eucharisteo Tuesday


Noir et Blanc

IMG_0911IMG_0906IMG_0935IMG_0960IMG_1043IMG_1007IMG_1014IMG_1045  IMG_1047IMG_1069IMG_1076IMG_1125IMG_1136IMG_1146IMG_1154IMG_1187IMG_1197IMG_1203IMG_1222IMG_1210IMG_1268IMG_1290IMG_1297IMG_1313IMG_1321IMG_1332IMG_1365IMG_1372IMG_1380IMG_1415IMG_1404 (1)IMG_1429IMG_1453IMG_1491IMG_1534IMG_1587

Some cities just look better in Black & White.

Don’t you think?

in the Spirit of New Beginnings


This is Jessica. She studied in Vienna with me this semester. A few weeks before we came home, she went into a hair salon to ask how much a color and cut would cost, and they asked her if she’d like to be in an upcoming fashion show. Turns out, she was the main event. A European stylist gave her this haircut onstage.

I cut twenty-four inches off my hair, ten days before I went to Vienna. (actually, that’s a lie. My sister cut it. Not me.) I think that all young women should cut their hair short at least once in their lives, and this is why: because sometimes you don’t know that you’re An International Supermodel until you do. Right, Jess?

And in my case … it’s just easier. (:



998.  playing Auld Lang Syne on the piano


999.  counting down seconds


1,000.  a kiss at midnight

What a sweet blessing this list of 1,000 gifts has been this year. To anyone who’s thought about keeping their own list – I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Now is the perfect time to start. 

I had so much fun getting to a thousand, and I still have room in my little book of blessings…so I’ll see if I can get up to two thousand by this time next year. (: