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Month: March, 2013

eucharisteo Tuesday


363.  Carly’s unceremonious hugs



Celie G

IMG_6718IMG_6615IMG_6717IMG_6737IMG_6626IMG_9850IMG_9662IMG_9633IMG_9808 (1)IMG_9595IMG_9608IMG_9616IMG_9688IMG_9690IMG_9737IMG_9756IMG_9775IMG_9834IMG_9833IMG_9989IMG_9895IMG_9896IMG_9914 - Version 2IMG_0036IMG_0049IMG_0062

This is Celia, to whom I am the honorary Aunt Shelb, and she’s a year old now.

It’s been so fun to take pictures of this little girl, starting from when she was a little bump, to when she was six months old, to her first birthday party last month.

Celia is my first Toddling Subject, and together we learned that walking is fun, but sometimes hard, and always hard to focus on at f/2.8. But Cheerios are excellent distracters, and parents are excellent helper-back-upers.

Pinch and Tash — thanks for having the faith to squeeze in a shoot between a long nap and the rain! And also for producing this little girl.  : )

(And in case anyone can’t tell from the few shots of Natasha – Celia is getting a Little Something in August!!)

eucharisteo Tuesday


1,124.  old Coca-Cola murals on the sides of buildings

eucharisteo Tuesday


256.  pink helicopter seeds

Carrie & Adam

It's a girlIMG_7931 (1)IMG_7934 (1)IMG_7947IMG_7970 - Version 2 (1)IMG_7954IMG_7996IMG_8081IMG_8055 (1)IMG_8138 (1)IMG_8171 (1)IMG_8168IMG_8340IMG_8244IMG_8255IMG_8263IMG_8294IMG_8312Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 11.51.26 PMIMG_8407IMG_8395 (1)IMG_8462IMG_8508 (1)

I think it’s safe to say that these two are The Cutest Expecting Couple in Nashville right now. Carrie taught English at my high school, she and Adam led the trip that took me to Europe for the first time, and her mother sometimes gives me pretty old things she finds in estate sales. So – they’re definitely in The Favorite Club.

They’re expecting a little girl in April, who already has a little pink Bible and a purple nursery – does that sound familiar, Mom?  (: (It’s me. I was a little girl in April, with a little pink Bible and a purple nursery.)

Carrie asked if we could take pictures at Radnor Lake, because it’s already a special place to their family. See that bench they’re sitting on, in the 9th and 10th pictures down? That’s where Adam proposed.

Too. Sweet.

Might not be taking any more pictures at Radnor, though, because a mild-mannered park ranger told us professional photography isn’t allowed. Carrie helped me pull The Student Card this time….wonder how long I’ll be able to get away with that one? Where is the Professional dividing line, anyway? I do own my own domain name now…egads.

Thank you, Carrie and Adam, for letting me be apart of this special time! You’re going to be wonderful parents, and I’m thrilled for both of you.

eucharisteo Tuesday

1,094.  walking fearlessly through puddles

1,095.  something different & exciting, in the form of A Rainy Day