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Month: April, 2013

eucharisteo Tuesday



eucharisteo Tuesday


eucharisteo Tuesday


223.  the colors of Spring


20 deal

Since I know we’re all still excited about my recent birthday, I’ve decided to put my newfound Marketing Knowledge to work. I’m offering my first special! 20 years for me = 20% for you!

Anyone who schedules a shoot with me from now until April 25th, will get 20% off my usual price! 

We don’t have to take the pictures before April 25th – we just have to get a shoot scheduled on our calendars, and you will get the discount! So email me at, if you’d like some engagement, maternity, family, children, bridal, or senior portraits anytime soon!

Hope to hear from lots of you soon!

|truly yourself|


This is my portrait project for my current photography class. The quote at the beginning was my inspiration – I came across it just before portraits were assigned, so when they were, I immediately thought of this.

Just wanted to show some of my friends how bright and beautiful they are. And encourage everyone to look for the staggering beauty that is in every single one of us. I know I didn’t get a lot of variety – I focused on young girls, because they are usually the ones who don’t see how lovely they are. But old, young, male, female, red, yellow, black, and white – we’re all made in His beautiful image.

Elizabeth, Lacy, Sammi, Kimberly, Hope, Hallie, Carly, Sarah, and Liz – you’re nine of the most beautiful people I know. I hope you can see that. Because everyone else does.  : )

to Mom, on my birthday


Thanks for rocking me back to sleep.

Thanks for coming to school on my eighth birthday and bringing Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

Thanks for reading to me.

Thanks for writing on the walls of our houses.

Thanks for making every day a great day by always letting me wear my leotards and Tinkerbell costume.

Thanks for making my favorite cookies. And mashed potatoes. And lasagna. And pumpkin muffins.

Thanks for helping people. Thanks for helping me.

Thanks for writing your book.

Thanks for letting me go to Vienna.

Thanks for going to your doctor’s appointment twenty years ago today, so I had the chance to get here early.

And thanks for loving me so very, very well.

This should be your day, as much as it is mine.

I love you.


eucharisteo Tuesday


1,136.  three little peaches