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I think it’s time for some color.

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Because we’re halfway into January and I’m starting to miss the way Autumn looked in the Alps.

My mom came and spent a week in Austria with me about two months ago. We spent a day in Hallstatt – a very old, very tiny little town nestled in between a lake and a mountain. We caught her in off-season, so there wasn’t much to do besides walk and talk and take pictures and buy salt.

But luckily for us, that was exactly what we wanted to do. (:

I think I just have one more Vienna post in me, after this. I may draw that out as long as I can, though, because I still have that little piece of it that isn’t over yet. We’ll see how sentimental I can be.

In the meantime – Happy Thursday (:


Noir et Blanc

IMG_0911IMG_0906IMG_0935IMG_0960IMG_1043IMG_1007IMG_1014IMG_1045  IMG_1047IMG_1069IMG_1076IMG_1125IMG_1136IMG_1146IMG_1154IMG_1187IMG_1197IMG_1203IMG_1222IMG_1210IMG_1268IMG_1290IMG_1297IMG_1313IMG_1321IMG_1332IMG_1365IMG_1372IMG_1380IMG_1415IMG_1404 (1)IMG_1429IMG_1453IMG_1491IMG_1534IMG_1587

Some cities just look better in Black & White.

Don’t you think?

Frohe Weihnachten

IMG_2035 (1)IMG_1970IMG_1655IMG_1666IMG_2558IMG_1973IMG_1715IMG_1789IMG_2536IMG_2517

Vienna was the perfect place to be to get into The Christmas Spirit, and December 1st was the perfect time to come home to our families and memories and traditions.

Looking back through these shots of course got me missing Vienna…but right now, I wouldn’t trade being home for all the markets and pretty lights and Kinderpunsch in the world. I’m taking turns looking at our tree and our stockings over the fire, and listening to Ella Fitzgerald sing Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas for the fourth time today, with my mother curled up next to me as she “just rests her eyes.”

Merry little Christmas, everyone. (:

a few more from Britain + two old panoramas

IMG_0761IMG_0737IMG_0531IMG_0513  IMG_0810IMG_0793IMG_0783IMG_0814IMG_0816IMG_0849 (1)IMG_0852  IMG_0856

ScotlandPanorama3 (1)ScotlandPanorama1 - Version 2

Here are just a few more shots from Cotwolds, plus Scotland and Wales. I realized when I uploaded my few shots of Scotland, how poor a portrayal they were of her beauty. The little time I spent there this semester was a return trip, though – I visited Scotland for the first time last summer, and got much better photos that time around. The panoramas are shaky first attempts, from a few semesters ago – but they are of the two most lovely places I saw in Scotland.

And speaking of beautiful things in Scotland, God answered my prayers and let me see some friends again, whom I met last summer. Shauni, Adam, Sara, and Billy – you cannot know how wonderful it was to see you again. And to meet you, Mrs. Nichola! It was a highlight of my entire three months abroad.

Other British highlights were buying too many books, drinking too much tea, seeing The Lumineers and The Civil Wars in Manchester, riding a horse named Penny around Scottish farmland, and staring out of train windows for hours at a time. The countryside there looks exactly as you imagine it – green and cloudy and sheep-ridden.

I’ll miss you, Britain. Take care, and Happy Christmas, while I’m gone.

Stow on the Wold

IMG_0548IMG_0553IMG_0550IMG_0557IMG_0562IMG_0600IMG_0609IMG_0598IMG_0602  IMG_0630IMG_0616IMG_0635IMG_0641  IMG_0656IMG_0668IMG_0693IMG_0697  IMG_0744IMG_0723IMG_0726

If you’ve ever wondered what Heaven will be like, I think I found it a little over a month ago in the English countryside. This is Stow on the Wold, one of the many villages in the Cotswolds. (Most of which have prepositional phrases in their names. Thank you for your fine work, England.) We spent an evening and a morning there. On the morning, I woke up early and had an hour all to myself to smell lavender and pet grey horses on the nose and watch the sun peek out over the hills and breathe in big lungfulls of cold morning air and then breathe it out as steam and watch it curl and evaporate.

You may have to know me to fully appreciate how much of a direct gift from God all of this was for me, and how much joy it brought my soul.

Then I got to make amends with the innkeeping gentleman who scolded us the night before for squeezing six girls into a room intended for four. (I know it’s bad, but we had no money) I said I was sorry and thanked him for letting us stay anyway; he raised an eyebrow and said, ” ’twas very naughty of you,” and then we moved on to being friends. I told him and his wife about my travels this semester, and they let all of us (and our cab driver) stay for breakfast.

Then we drove into town, and I found a door that may or may not lead to Narnia and bought four books that I didn’t have room for in my backpack. A wild success, in my book.

Hopefully I will never, ever go a whole month between posts again. I just have one last paper to write before I’m all done with school, so I won’t be able to use the “busy” excuse again for a while, after Thursday. More photos from Britain, Paris, Hallstatt, and Vienna are all on the way, and I’ve got some shoots lined up with clients after Christmas!

And speaking of Christmas, I hope yours is off to a merry start. (:


fancy some London?

I love this city. I love the rain and the tea and the Brits and the way they say ‘vanillar’ and Union Jack and the bookstores and the leaves in the parks and the way I feel when I’m there.

Can I go back yet?

We started our week in London, then went to Cotswolds, saw The Civil Wars (maybe their last concert, ever) in Manchester, spent Halloween in Edinburgh, visited some dear, dear friends of mine in Dundee, spent a few hours in Wales, and then flew back to Vienna. And if that doesn’t wear you out, editing the pictures from it all sure will.

I’ll be back tomorrow for EuTue and have some shots from Cotswolds (some of my favorites of the whole trip!) up soon. My mother is coming to keep me company over Thanksgiving, so I’ll be a little tied up this week, playing hostess.

So ready to see you, Mom. Enjoy your flight. (:


Where hard boiled eggs wear hats, mountains are always in view, Joy & Beauty reign, and yellow leaves are plentiful. And probably the only place ever where your one plan for the entire day can get foiled, and you don’t mind a bit. It was too windy to take a cable car up the mountain – so by golly, we found ourselves a playground. And then we spent hours walking down exactly two streets. And then we played in leaves until we were giddy. And then we came back to Vienna.

I remember my friends who studied in Vienna last year telling me that some of their favorite memories came from the smaller towns, where they had to make their own fun. I believe it.

Thank you Kelsey, Samantha, & Rachel (pictured respectively in that last photo) for the most perfect of days. I love you all.

Wish me luck on my first European final! I’ll be back tomorrow for You Know What. (:

we went to Italy and came home to Autumn

  Here’s to foggy Sunday walks through the Vienna Woods, church with Sammi over breakfast and Kelsey at a bus stop, and five little marshmallows in everyone’s pre & post dinner hot chocolate.

Here’s to Autumn. Here’s to Beauty. Here’s to God.

Yesterday my heart walked up to the edge of despair, looked over into the depths, and really thought about jumping off. But thankfully, it backed up into His waiting, open arms of peace, instead. I am pleased to report that I am in Vienna with some of the very best people in the world, and that I’ve got a pretty fabulous week in the UK (finally) planned for next week.

Prayers for safety, patience, open eyes, and wisdom would be much appreciated. See you in November. (:

Roman Holiday


I spent the week before last in Italy. It was eight days of history and architecture and art and pasta and walking and markets and generally being a good tourist. The highlight of the week was getting to see some of my dearest friends in all the world – Carly and Emma, who are studying in Florence with Harding. And my Jeep buddy Connor, too (:

Another highlight was sitting in the memory of Audrey Hepburn on the Spanish Steps. I admire that woman more than almost any other. Thank you to Sammi and Jenna for indulging that request and taking my picture – and now that I think about it, just for an altogether perfect evening.

It was a good week. I’m sorry I don’t have the mental capacity to write any more at the moment. Fall Break is quickly approaching, and those hostels aren’t going to book themselves. I hope to post Mittenwald pictures before I leave! Auf Wiedersehen (:

in which I spend a wonderfully touristy day in Salzburg


I went on The Sound of Music tour, because that’s what you do in Salzburg. And apparently your Lipscomb in Vienna education isn’t complete without it. I recently played Liesl in Lipscomb’s spring production, so I rather enjoyed myself. I hummed Do Re Mi as I walked around the fountain and up the steps, and I spent much of the day wondering what it must feel like to be Julie Andrews. Is there another woman so accomplished and elegant, now living?

The last four pictures are not from Salzburg, but a tiny German town of which I don’t know the name. They are the result of Flexibility When Plans Don’t Work Out As Expected.

In other news, I lost all self-control at the Flohmarkt again today, and I had my first schnitzel at dinner tonight. I think I am now officially in the Austrian Club.

Next up: Italy, then Mittenwald!