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the best thing about the graduation party I shot last weekend

Shelby M'lynn Photography

His name is Max, and he likes vanilla ice cream the best.



20 deal

Since I know we’re all still excited about my recent birthday, I’ve decided to put my newfound Marketing Knowledge to work. I’m offering my first special! 20 years for me = 20% for you!

Anyone who schedules a shoot with me from now until April 25th, will get 20% off my usual price! 

We don’t have to take the pictures before April 25th – we just have to get a shoot scheduled on our calendars, and you will get the discount! So email me at, if you’d like some engagement, maternity, family, children, bridal, or senior portraits anytime soon!

Hope to hear from lots of you soon!

to Mom, on my birthday


Thanks for rocking me back to sleep.

Thanks for coming to school on my eighth birthday and bringing Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.

Thanks for reading to me.

Thanks for writing on the walls of our houses.

Thanks for making every day a great day by always letting me wear my leotards and Tinkerbell costume.

Thanks for making my favorite cookies. And mashed potatoes. And lasagna. And pumpkin muffins.

Thanks for helping people. Thanks for helping me.

Thanks for writing your book.

Thanks for letting me go to Vienna.

Thanks for going to your doctor’s appointment twenty years ago today, so I had the chance to get here early.

And thanks for loving me so very, very well.

This should be your day, as much as it is mine.

I love you.




It has come to my attention…that some people may not be aware that you can in fact follow my blog.

To my 26 loyal followers/choir members – I am so sorry. Please excuse me for preaching to you. But to everyone else who looks at my blog regularly, but doesn’t actually follow it, it would make my whole day if you would:

1. Find that little button in the bottom right corner that says “Follow.”

2. Click it.

3. Type in your email address.

4. Click “sign me up.”

5. Click “confirm” in the email that it sends you.

That’s it! Then you’ll just get a little email notification when I post new photos, and I’ll get a good grade in my marketing class!

Everyone wins. You especially, because I’ve got some One Year Old pictures of Celia, another round of headshots, and a maternity shoot, all scheduled before the end of this month! And you don’t want to risk missing any of it. (:

not because you asked,

business card

but because it’s an assignment for my Internet Marketing class – I’d like to let you all know that I’m working on a Big Girl Website. One day soon, it shall have Real Live Galleries of pictures that I actually took….but for now, you can admire the lovely layout (which someone worked very hard on), send me friendly messages with the contact form, or connect with SMP’s brand new facebook page, Instagram feed, Pinterest board, or LinkedIn profile through the social media buttons in the corner. They are tiny and purple and very exciting.

Here’s the link. Happy Thursday   : )

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!